OS2G - Operating Systems and Open Source Group


The purpose of the Operating Systems and Open Source Group (OS2G), is to:

  • Provide a venue for discussions and presentations on the following topics:
    • Operating systems
    • Open Source (OSS) and Free Software (FOSS)
    • System Administration
    • Computer Networking
    • Computing Security
    • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Provide a support network for the use and development of OSS and FOSS
  • Educate the public about Open Source and Free Software
  • Give the necessary resources for students to excel in their projects and studies
  • Allow access to the Holland Computing Center's supercomputer for students interested in machine learning, data analysis, and any applications that would need the powerful and plentiful resources of a super-computing cluster

We are an open group to all people and genders with bias and malice towards none. All majors have a place at OS2G. Non-UNL people are also allowed to be part of the meetings; however, as per university policy, they can not be official members (no voting rights).

How to Join and Contact Us

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